Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Commercial Test Print from knox on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited in Brooklyn in 2008 by Lou Auguste.  Camera was the Z1U, edited in FCP with Magic Bullet looks.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Lou Auguste Show Reel 2012

Lou Auguste 2012 Show Reel from knox on Vimeo.

Lou Auguste 2012 Show Reel
Featuring music from Melo X - 20 Feet Tall
To Contact Lou Auguste Email Him at Lou@1185films.com
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Contains footage from
James Morrison Man Behind the Music Episode 3
Loosies - Starring Peter Facinelli, Mike Madsen and Vincent Gallo
Quest Beyond the Stars PBS Special featuring footage from NASA
Ogun - We Will Rise
Team Lobey - Pran Nan Cho
I do not claim rights to all the images and audio contained in this video, but did participate in the creation of all of it as the visual editor. It has been posted for review purposes only.
Thanks for watching

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Virgin Active London Triathlon Photo Call

Shot and edited by Lou Auguste in one day.  Morning photo call for the Virgin Active London Triathlon.  Shot on the panasonic Lumix GH1 and edited in Final Cut.  Sir Richard Branson announced his celebrity team for the Virgin Active Triathlon, celebs included Lydia Bright, Chelsee Healey, Nell McAndrew, Ollie Locke, Mark Ramprakash, Hayley McQueen and many others.  This video is currently being played on monitors inside Virgin Active Health Clubs throughout the UK in the run up to the London Triathlon on September 22-23, 2012.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Charlie Siem - London Science Museum

Multicamera edit of event at London Science Museum called Beyond the Stars.  I created the backgrounds from footage provided by NASA and the ESA.  The event was directed by Eugene O'Conner and all music was selected and arranged by music producer Craig Leon.  The project was destined for PBS in America, and is scheduled for release summer 2012.  The Multicamera edit is a mix of 7 different cameras, and the performance was recorded 5 times with most of the cameras turning over, this gave me a total of 26 different angles to choose from in this performance.  On top of that I layered in the background footage over the final performance for the TX cut that will eventually air.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jess Mills

Another two edits in the music documentary style, these are for the singer Jess Mills.  Jess was a vocalist for Leftfield on their world tour in 2010.  After that she was signed as a solo artist to Island records.  These clips were filmed in 2011 by Tom Swindell and edited in FCP by me.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Tunnel - A Short About the London Riots

This was my first edit with legendary UK commercial director, Barney Edwards.  The project was written by Stanley Elias and Directed by Nick Franco of 1185 Films.  Its the story of 5 young men who get harassed by the cops while sitting in the park smoking spliffs.  Set during the UK riots of 2012, things rapidly escalate when the cops confiscate one of the man's cellphones, leading to a deadly confrontation in the Tunnel.  Shot with 3 cameras 2x Canon 5ds 1x Canon 7d.  Edited on FCP and graded using Color.  Shot by Lamberto Mongiorgi and Barney Edwards.  Starring Nate Hussein, Toby Ganley, Melo and others.

La Bestia - Barcelona Graffiti

I started documenting graffiti and street art right out of college in 2002. I've lost a lot of my early footage, but since 2004 been holding it down.  I paired up with Day in the Lyfe magazine around 2007 and we hit the road together to document America's top graffiti artists in what I like to call a cross country crime spree.  The result was my first feature documentary Day in the Lyfe the movie, which was shown at Sundance in 2009 and received worldwide distribution through PassionRiver Distribution.  I was working on a follow up to that film in Europe, but never got around to finishing it.  Here's one of the clips I made when I was in Barcelona with street artist La Bestia, doing a portrait of his girlfriend in the middle of the day.  Shot on a Z1U and edited in FCP.  Music by Knos One.

Youngman "The Night is Young"

Here's a Behind the Scenes clip that we did for Youngman's new single "Who Knows."  Another video shot by DP Tom Swindell, on a cold night in a UK field.  Youngman has been working as a vocalist with Benga and Skream for a bit now and introduced this song on RinseFM.  This clip was shot on the Canon 5D and edited in Premiere by me.

Eugene O'Conner - ShowReel

Here's a ShowReel I cut for Eugene O'Conner a few weeks ago.  I like cutting Show Reel's when I've got so much great stuff to choose from.  Euge has worked with everyone in the music business including Sir Paul, Metallica, Snoop, Lady Gaga, The Pretenders, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, P. Diddy, and so many others I can't even name em all.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

I was one of the archivists on Banksy's Acamdemy Award nominated film, Exit Through the Gift Shop.  It was a real honor for me to have the little clip above used in the documentary, you can see it in the opening credits at about 38 seconds in.  They also used my two films Open Air and Day in the Lyfe as references in this movie.

Cool Kids and Mickey Factz

This was the first video I worked on with Wesley Clouden #nerdmafia, was a fun video that went viral real quick.  Wes shot the whole thing on a Z1U in a couple of hours.  It took a lot of work to get the background all white, we had to photoshop out shadows and create all kinds of mats.  Ended up being about 7 days worth of edit, including creating that bump effect which was real fun and took the video to that next level.  It ended up in heavy rotation on MTVu and MTV2.  I was pissed when Mickey got signed and didn't come back to us for his next video, but now he's not signed anymore, so...

James Morrison - Man Behind the Music

This is the first video I edited when I moved to London, also the first time I got to work with the very talented DP and Director Tom Swindell.  James Morrison - The Man Behind the Music takes a look into singer/song writer James Morrison's life when he goes back to Cornwall where he was born.  I edited this one in FCP and did a bit of a grade on it in FCP as well.  There were 4 different cameras used on this video including a GoPro, 5d, and C300.  My favorite part of the edit is those sneaky little cuts I did when he dived into the water.  This ended up as part of a 4 part series that was aired on British TV and was released as a bonus DVD with his album The Awakening.

Ogun - We Will Rise

This is my first blog post.  Ogun - We Will Rise was shot in January 2011 in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti.   I directed and edited this film which was shot on 2 Canon 5d's and 1 Canon 7d.  Lead camera was Ryder Haske, second cameras were Nick Grigold, and Alex Lee.  The edit was done in FCP.